More Resources

Columbia University’s Brain and Mind video archive has some prominent speakers of neuroscience, psychiatry, development, and the like. It’s quite a good collection of 15 videos, including Michael Rutter, Nora Volkow, John Searle, and Eric Kandel. The hat-tip goes to Neurophilosophy.

Psique has put up an impressive collection of online neuroscience resources, all sorts of tutorials and information, a link which I will definitely add to our Web Resources.

Over at the London School of Economics, the Brain, Self and Society program has put together an extraordinary list of worldwide links covering academic institutions and research centres, academic societies, neuro-blogs, history of neuroscience, and journals.

Indiana University’s online journal Mind/Brain has just released its latest issue. It’s a great collection, including David Bricker’s piece, What’s A Mind Made Of? and Douglas Hofstadter’s The Elusive Apple of My ‘I’ . And more stuff on autism, addiction and mental illness, stress and the brain, and language learning. The hat-tip goes to Thinking Meat, which has been linking to a lot of good stuff recently.

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