Encephalon Is Black For More!

The New Encephalon is up at PodBlack. As Kylie Sturgess, our host this time, puts it, this is “a selection of the best psychology and neuroscience blog posts from around the blogosphere.” She does a nice job organizing it by Erik Erickson virtues!

Some notables include Brain Blogger’s Domestic Violence and Executive Dysfunction and Giovanna Di Sauro’s discussion of gender and fruit flies. I say gender because of this quote, “behavioral differences between the sexes might not be necessarily due to differences in neural circuitry, but in the presence or absence of sex-specific regulators of such circuitry.”

Jake Young also has one of his excellent discussions, complete with background, of double dissociation and separate auditory processing of “where” and “what.”

Finally, Neuroscientifically Challenged takes on Gherlin and the Omnipresence of Food, which is a good addition to what we’ve done here on the brain biology of eating and obesity (see our food & eating category for more).

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