Encephalon and More

The latest version of Encephalon, the collection of the best and brightest of brain-related blogging, is up over at Brain Blogger. Two favorites include Pure Pedantry’s Sound Encoding in the Rat and Cognitive Daily’s Consonants Tell Us Where Words Begin, What about Vowels?

Sharp Brains is also hosting student essays, including this one on Alzheimer’s, which is fun for me to point out. My undergraduate students have their own blog writing tasks for the end of the semester, so over the next month I will be posting stuff that they have written.

Some new people have been linking into our site. Searching for Mind provides a running list of interesting posts around the blogosphere, as well as some relevant news stories.

Putting People First at experientia.com focuses on “user experience, experience design, and person-centered innovation.” Here’s a good one on Tom Austin, an applied anthropologist, who argues that IT needs the social sciences.

One thought on “Encephalon and More

  1. Hello: great idea to post essays by your students. If you’d like us to take a look at them, and select & publish 1-2 in our blog, just let me know. It may provide some extra motivation…and in any case I am sure our readers would enjoy learning more about your very interesting angle.


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