Brain TV and Online 3D Images

University of California at San Diego has a webcast series, Grey Matters: From Molecules to Mind, with lectures by leading neuroscience researchers.  Topics include decision making, brain development, addiction and more.
Hat Tip: Neurophilosophy

The Visible Body is an on-line 3D guide to anatomy.  You can focus in on particular structures, including the brain, and rotate them at your convenience.  Great guide and it’s free if you sign up on the Argosy website. 
Hat Tip: Neurophilosophy

Brain Place is an online resource focused on SPECT imaging: single photon emission computed tomography.  You get 3D images that you can rotate—sort of 3D x-rays.  Good for tracking global changes, for example, with substance abuse due to changes in blood flow or glucose utilization.  Some striking images of “holes” in the brain due to tumors or drug abuse. 
Hat Tip: My Students

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