Looking for more blogs to pass the time?

I’ve added some new blogs to our blogroll, including ones that I have enjoyed recently.  

I am particularly impressed by Laura Kilarski’s Psique, which contains insightful commentary as well as summaries and links to recently published literature by topic.  Most useful! 

Jonah Lehrer’s The Frontal Cortex is another great addition.  Jonah is the author of Proust Was A Neuroscientist, a former Rhodes Scholar, and interested in how neuroscience and everyday intersect, as well as the fostering of a Fourth Culture, a genuine dialogue between arts and sciences. 

Finally, Deric Bownds’ MindBlog which “reports new ideas and work on mind, brain, and behavior.”  Deric covers many of the same topics that we do here, with more emphasis on the biology (but less on the anthropology).  He also provides good excerpts from current neuroscience research, and is author of The Biology of Mind.

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