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Oldies but Goodies: Daniel Lende

Posted by dlende on September 15, 2008

I posted some oldies but goodies from Greg a few weeks back when we hit 100,000. So now it’s my turn, even though we’re already at 120,000. The start of the semester has been busy!

These are posts when we were just getting started, and haven’t seen as much love as some more recent or more popular ones. My new student assistant Erin Brennan helped me pick them out, so many thanks to her.


Wending between Faust and Wimsatt

On Stress – Blakey

Addiction and Our Faultlines

Visual Rewards

Human Variation

Obama and Race

Puzzles and Cultural Difference

Loneliness and Health: Experience, Stress, and Genetics

Will Power as Mental Muscle


The Family Dinner Deconstructed

Prison Nation


The Neurobiology of Play

Taking Play Seriously

Play and Culture

Play and Embodiment

One Response to “Oldies but Goodies: Daniel Lende”

  1. [...] the pieces on Grand Theft Auto and on Running and Dissociation are also relevant. Plus I wrote a whole series on play back in February. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Tobacco Order 2007Hookah bars: [...]

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