Suggestions for the Wednesday Round Ups???

I just posted the latest Wednesday round up. Since coming back from a summer hiatus, I’ve tried to mix things up a little bit. Well, really added more features – a photo at the beginning, video in the middle, a personal note, a poem or some literary tidbit at the end. Do you like these additions? Have any other suggestions for the Wednesday round ups?

Also, how important is the Wed round up for you? It takes a fair amount of work to put together, rarely posts huge numbers… I guess my question is whether it’s too long. Would you prefer to have shorter round ups? Or any other ideas?

Please leave a comment, or send me an email if you want. daniel.lende over at gmail dot com

5 thoughts on “Suggestions for the Wednesday Round Ups???

  1. I love your Wednesday round up. A lot of links but all very interesting. May be for most readers to much links. Lay out is fine keep it simple and short. Take care, Dr shock

  2. Treasure the roundups. You send me to interesting stuff I wouldn’t find on my own. You’re part of my continuing education.

  3. I just wanted to thank everyone for their supportive comments here and through email. I am planning to continue with the Wednesday rounds ups! I’ll keep more-or-less the same format for now, though I plan to keep experimenting.

    That said, this Wednesday will provide a big surprise. So stay tuned!

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