John Hawks Massive Human Evolution Bibliography Online

John Hawks, who runs the excellent John Hawks Weblog, has placed his entire collection of 11,500 citations online. He describes the bibliography in his announcement of this wonderful new feature to his blog:

At present this database includes more than 11,500 entries. These represent a large fraction of the historical and contemporary literature in human evolution…

The bibliography has a search filter, search terms will match author, keyword, title or abstract (where present). With more than 11,000 entries, you want to be a little selective about how you search. Author names work really well, and yield a list separated by year of publication.

You’ll find each reference preceded by a unique citation key in brackets. I did this purely for my own convenience, but for those who may want to download lists of citations, it may also prove useful.

A list of search results can be exported to BibTeX or RTF format for download.

There is also a “filter” tab that allows keyword, author, and year filtering of the list. This is really not very useful; the size of the database makes it much simpler to search than to filter all entries.

Link to John Hawks Bibliography

Link to Hawks Announcement and Description of the Online Bibliography

The drawing above is also by John, and I quite liked it. Here’s the link to its original posting over at his Weblog.

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