Four Stone Hearth #70

A great issue of Four Stone Hearth, the anthropology carnival, is over at Afarensis: Anthropology, Evolution and Science.

From sex on the moon and virtual communities to orangs as our closest relatives?, this edition is extensive, with highlights from all four fields.

Also note that Afarnesis is now at a new site – moving from the old scienceblogs to the new wordpress. Besides getting his own real-life monster name, you can find out why your dog looks guilty and the relationships between lungfish, trout and humans.

From this edition I’d like to highlight two pieces on evolution of intellience, Blair Bolles’ meditation on tool use, language evolution, and the context of adaptation, and Razib’s piece on the evolution of the brain and the role of social competition in the increasing cranial size in our lineage. The two pieces work quite well together.

There is plenty more great stuff over at Four Stone Hearth #70, so run or walk (like a good afarensis) there now.

Link to Four Stone Hearth #70

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