Four Stone Effort

moneduloides is hosting the 58th edition of Four Stone Hearth, and he’s gone through the great effort of going out to gather good blogging from all four fields of anthropology. I’ll highlight one post from each area, but there’s plenty more next to the hearth.

Here’s a blog I didn’t know, Ethblography, with the fun title, Don’t twitter on my internet and call it lifestreaming. Bite-sized blandness over substantive writing, and fieldwork on new technology/communication in Spain. A great mix.

On the linguistic side moned tracked down this site documenting oral histories of disability in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Return to Chauvet Cave is a new book on the incredible art work done 30,000 years ago in France.

And here we have competing ideas about the extinction of Neanderthals.

So go on over for a dance by the moneduloides hearth.

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