Clashing Stones

The new Four Stone Hearth is up over at Clashing Culture, the latest round-up of the four fields of anthropology.

Want to know more about all the recent claims and controversy that our ancestors practiced the Mediterrean diet (well, ate plenty of shellfish)?

Paddy K, always funny and controversial, takes on a female gorilla in a pink outfit.

Do you just dig onomatopoeia?

Think linguistic anthropology is the most integrative and applicable of the four fields?

Then you should definitely check out the Four Stone Hearth.

Clashing Cultures is also hosting the latest Carnival of the Liberals, so take a look at that as well – some good reading as we near the end of this presidential race.

Clashing Culture explores issues related to the clash of science and religion, particularly evolution and creationism, and also examines atheism. Their recent Who Owns Our Child’s Minds asks important questions about what and how we teach our children. One blogger also hosts a radio show, the most recent covered theistic evolution and religious discrimination against atheists.

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