Articulated Anger: A study of the Junkie published through performance

‘The thing that I try to reach when I do “Junkie” is articulated anger. I’m not concerned about Junkie as a Junkie. To me as a dancer, as a performer, it’s a study in self-destruction, and this particular person shows drugs.’

In 2006, I undertook a year of fieldwork in Australian Contemporary Dance performing apprenticeship anthropology under Australian Choreographer, Elizabeth Cameron Dalman (1934-). Elizabeth is both an incredible woman and an inspiring choreographer-dancer. Her rich lifetime of experience in dance made her an excellent teacher, informant and research collaborator. Among Elizabeth’s many influences, she worked with Eleo Pomare (b. Colombia 1937, United States citizen) in Europe for three years (1961, 1962 & 1963). Eleo’s recent death just last month has been felt very strongly by Elizabeth and the dance community worldwide. I recently found this Youtube clip which is interesting to those of us fascinated by how brains and culture interact. It is a medium of research spoken through movement. In my fieldnotes from 2006, I wrote: “Movement is a form of research and performance is its publication.” So I won’t describe anything of the video, but I shall endeavour to intrigue you with the above quote from the video featuring Eleo Pomare.

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Paul Mason

I am a biomedically trained social anthropologist interested in biological and cultural diversity.

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