Love Dem Bones

Sue Sheridan, who blogs as The Life of Wiley with updates on life, round ups, and comments on politics as well as biological anthropology, osteology, and more, posted this really cool image to the right when she linked to our student posts. On the left is one she put up yesterday.

If you want more of these images, check Sue’s blog out, as well as Primatebonz, the place where she helps contribute as well as scrounge over at Flickr. And she links to other image-laden sites like Skull-A-Day and Home of the Skulls. For real-life replicas (yeah, that made sense), check out Fossils as Art and Bone Clones. Bone Clones is one of my favorite exhibits to visit at anthro meetings. You haven’t lived until you’ve held a boisei skull in your hands!

2 thoughts on “Love Dem Bones

  1. Sue wanted me to add one thing about her blog: “The site has turned out to be a great way to stay in
    touch with former students (and surprisingly, their parents as well). Indeed, I can account for about 90% of the dots on the Clustermap, as our students venture around the world.”

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