WordPress: Ways to Explore

WordPress has added a new feature, an automatically generated list of related posts that appears at the bottom of each post you view. This list will provide links both within this site and to other WordPress blogs, and occasionally to other blogs on other sites.

They’ve just started rolling this feature out (see the announcement here), and so far it’s mostly in-house: this blog and across WordPress. Posts like the ones on dopamine and addiction, two languages & theory of mind, and others already have links on them. Hopefully it should provide all of us a new way to network.

Of course if you are interested in the stuff on this blog, you can check out our Popular Posts page (just updated), as well as explore things through the category cloud, for example, on stress, brain mechanisms, and cultural theory. The entire category cloud appears on the left side of the main page, down past the blogroll.

One thought on “WordPress: Ways to Explore

  1. i would also likre to point out that as an african i also find it very interesting that we sahre the same culture with some clans or groups found in the far east as a person who also lived in indonesia in the sense that when they shake ones hand in greeting they then hold their chests afterward and i think that is closely link to our culture which say to me i’m because you are(muntu ngumuntu ngebantu)swati clan,,,where i come from and i think we also share a lot when it comes to the humane spirit(ubuntu)..

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