Visiting Colombia

Colombia is one of the most amazing countries I know for travelers.  Everything a traveler might want—geographical regions from deserts to tropical rain forest, plains to high-mountain glaciers; human diversity from world-class art to world-class archaeology to colonial history, indigenous groups, and the most modern of metropolises.  And the people are warm, and the food plentiful and delicious. So it’s a pleasure to point to several recent articles that highlight the reactivation of tourism in Colombia. 

Today the New York Times covers Bogotá, the capital city of eight million located at 8200 feet, in its piece A Cultural Heart Beats Anew. 

Travel and Leisure covers the magnificent fortified colonial city, home of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, this month in Cartagena, A Hidden Retreat. 

And last November the New York Times covered visiting the incredible Tayrona Park, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, in its piece In Colombia A War Zone Reclaims Its Past.  Tayrona, with neighboring Santa Marta, the hacienda of Simon Bolivar, the Guajira, and the Kogi indigenous group which lives in the mountains above, holds some wonderful memories.

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