Wednesday Round Up #55

I’m off to a conference, so you’re getting the Wednesday round up a day early. The typical stuff on brain and anthro, plus some happiness, eating and other stuff thrown in. Enjoy! Top of the List Mo Costandi, Experience Induces Global Reorganization of Brain Circuitry Plasticity in action, now showing that small changes can produce […]

Anthropology News on the Web

Anthropology News is the monthly newspaper put out by the American Anthropological Association. Anthro News or AN, as many people call it, is one of the main places that American anthropologists discuss pertinent issues of the day, as well as providing updates on what’s happening in American anthropology. They also run the AN Blog, also […]

Wednesday Round Up #49

No brains and no anthropology this week! Categories, that is. Not even a top-of-the-list. Just a data dump on Our Digital Age, then a plethora of psychiatry. Followed by fuzzy animals and furry hobbits. Our Digital Age The Op-Ed Project “an initiative to expand public debate, with an immediate emphasis on enlarging the pool of […]

Wednesday Round Up #45

Happy New Year to everyone. I wanted to start out 2009 with some entertaining pieces, so that’s the focus of the top of the list. Then it’s some extensive anthropology and the brain, and three really good pieces on evolution at the end. Top of the List Alexandre Enkerli, Brewing Tips and Tricks Some informed […]

Wednesday Round Up #36

This week we have our featured pieces, then a round up on blogging, the brain, mental health, video games, and anthropology. Ah, the electric eclectic. Top of the List My Mind on Books, ‘Supersizing the Mind’ by Andy Clark My Mind on Books features the just released Supersizing the Mind: Embodiment, Action and Cognitive Extension. […]

Wednesday Round Up #8

General Robert Sapolsky, A Natural History of Peace Foreign Affairs full-text article: humans, like most primates, make their own peace Michael Gazzaniga, Are Human Brains Unique? We’ve got big brains. So what? Michael Wesch, Anti-Teaching: Confronting the Crisis of Significance Pdf article bringing together Wesch’s work with digital ethnography, blogging, and participatory research with students—highly […]

Digital Ethnography

Michael Wesch has an on-going project Digital Ethnography with his students at Kansas State University. Looking at what they have done impressed me, and gave me ideas for things that I might do with my own classes and research. I like the engaged, participatory style and with issues like substance use or health care seeking, […]