Wednesday Round Up #86

Lots of small categories this week – sport, placebo, digital anthropology, and Elinor Ostrom – before the mind and anthropology finish it off. Top of the List PsyBlog, How Rewards Can Backfire And Reduce Motivation Intrinsic rewards matter, unexpected rewards too. Getting something you expect? Not so much. Maximilian Forte, Welcome To ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY: The … Continue reading Wednesday Round Up #86

Four Stone Hearth #71: Australiana edition is pleased to bring you the 71st edition of Four Stone Hearth, the itinerant swagman of the anthropology world, with blog entries herded together from all corners of this immense anthropological territory. A Hot Cup of Joe will be hosting the next edition in two weeks time, so, if you couldn’t get your listing … Continue reading Four Stone Hearth #71: Australiana edition

Varieties of Public Anthropology

So I wrote an overview of Rob Borofsky’s efforts in Public Anthropology the other day. But there are plenty of other varieties of public anthropology. So here’s a quick guide to some that I’ve found in the form of blogs, associations and communities, some literature that you can access online, and graduate programs with a … Continue reading Varieties of Public Anthropology

Anthro Hits the Links

Open Anthropology has put together a great collection entitled Economics Blogs in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Development, Globalization, and Transformation. From neuroeconomics to bonobo land and political economy, you can find something to fit your taste (ah, capitalism) in Max’s list. Somatosphere gives us Teaching Anthropology of the Body. You can get Eugene’s syllabus, … Continue reading Anthro Hits the Links