Complete this quote: “The convergence of neurology and cross-cultural research provides…”

How would you complete this unfinished quote?

“The convergence of neurology and cross-cultural research provides…”

At the beginning of this year, I posted a “Complete this quote” about religiosity and another about hypnotisability. At the time, I was reminded about my prior reading of Michael James Winkelman’s work about shamanism. For Winkelman, whose work is closely aligned with authors like Merlin Donald, Steven Mithen and Charles Laughlin,  “Shamanism is a part of an evolved psychology, with significant implications for human cognitive evolution…Shamanism clearly constituted a significant form of symbolic representation, cross-modal cognitive integration, community bonding and psychological individuation that characterised the emergence of modern humans” (Winkelman 2003:294).

This week’s “Complete this quote” comes from page 72 of Winkelman’s 2002 article called ‘Shamanism and Cognitive Evolution’ in the Cambridge Archaeological Journal.

Articles by Dr Michael Winkelman:

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Winkelman’s most recent books include Psychedelic Medicine, Supernatural as Natural, Cultural Awareness, Sensitivity and Competency, American Ethnic History and Culture & Health.

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“The convergence of neurology and cross-cultural research provides…”

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10 thoughts on “Complete this quote: “The convergence of neurology and cross-cultural research provides…”

  1. the best opportunity to investigate the relationship between culture and brain insult and neurological disorders.

  2. …a wealth of questions for systems generalists fascinated by the world, an array of possibilites for interdisciplinary work, but much annoyance to specialists blinded by their field of specialty.”

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