Stone Encephalon

A new Encephalon is out, rounding up the best mind/brain blogging. The Mouse Trap is hosting, and this edition includes a good selection of posts.

Visit Encephalon #79.

The latest Four Stone Hearth rounds up anthropology blogging over at Spider Monkey Tales. I really have to highlight the spectacular photos of a male drill monkey, with an accompanying post. I worked with drill monkeys for a year, so this was great to see!

Visit Four Stone Hearth #81.

Wednesday Round Up #93

Here’s this week – top, mind, teaching & new media, anthropology, and science & life.

Top of the List

David L. Chandler, Rethinking Artificial Intelligence
A broad-based MIT project that aims to reinvent artificial intelligence for a new era. By going back and fixing mistakes, researchers hope to produce ‘co-processors’ for the human mind.

Petra Boynton, Celebrating This Blog’s Fifth Birthday!
“Sex educator, Agony Aunt, Academic” – here’s to five more years!

Sandra Kiume, Brain-Based Sex Differences
Mythbusting sex differences in the brain. Includes a video with Lise Eliot.

Sarah Kershaw, Addiction on 2 Fronts: Work and Home
Explains why Dr. A. Thomas McLellan accepted the nomination to be the government’s number two drug-control official – his life and his research surrounded by addiction.

Jessica Palmer, Beautiful Hunger
A YouTube video on swarming sea creatures. Another great one from Bioephemera is Eat Your Veggies.

ScienceDaily, First Evidence of Brain Rewiring in Children: Reading Remediation Positively Alters Brain Tissue
New white matter from 100 hours of reading – communication matters!


Benedict Carey, Study Suggests Methods and Timing to Treat Fears
Testing variations in extinction training for traumatic memories/associations – the sooner the better. Ed Yong provides greater depth about the actual research.

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