New Four Stone Hearth at Paddy K (Swedish stylee)

Yum, anthropology!

Yum, anthropology!

The latest Four Stone Hearth (Number 78) is up at Paddy K (‘the Swedish Experience’ sounds to me like a euphemism for an obscure sexual act stemming from a fascination with high-tax-paying northern Europeans). For those of you unfamiliar with the experience, Four Stone Hearth is the itinerant web carnival of blogging about anthropology, named for the four subfields of our mother discipline (archaeo-, cultural/social, linguistic, and bio-/physical).

There’s lots of anthropology goodness including a personal favourite link to a news story on the ‘unsuitable materials’ rooms at the British Museum (‘racy and disturbing pictures, regarded as unfit for public attention’ including erotic playing cards from the jazz age, a pile of penis drawings, an 11,000-year-old statue of a couple in flagrante, and symbols of ‘the early worship of mankind’ — yup, more penises). Hot Cup of Joe discusses Creationists’ response to the release of papers on Ardipthecus remains (that is, more behavioural data on Agnopithicus creationus, as Joe puts it).

According to Paddy K, Martin Rundqvist is still looking for a host of the Four Stone blog carnival for 7 November, so if you’re into it, consider hosting it at your site. Contact Martin!

Image from Aardvarchaeology.

Wednesday Round Up #86

Lots of small categories this week – sport, placebo, digital anthropology, and Elinor Ostrom – before the mind and anthropology finish it off.

Top of the List

PsyBlog, How Rewards Can Backfire And Reduce Motivation
Intrinsic rewards matter, unexpected rewards too. Getting something you expect? Not so much.

Maximilian Forte, Welcome To ZERO ANTHROPOLOGY: The End Of The Beginning Of The End
Open Anthropology reflects back and looks forward – what does it mean to do open anthropology?

Margarita Alegria et al., Prevalence of Mental Illness in Immigrant and Non-Immigrant U.S. Latino Groups
2008 full-access American Journal of Psychiatry article that both shows lower overall rates for Latinos of mental illness, and tries to examine more closely what that means for specific lives and specific groups

Pamthropologist, Making Anthropology “Relevant”: Do We Really Want To Go There?
Relevance only so students can understand themselves? An argument for a different sort of relevance, with good discussion in the comments

Larval Subjects, Deluze On Assemblages
Assemblages of ideas, rather than singular fields, as the important basis for understanding, whether individual, academic, or social. Some good implications for this project here.


Mo Costandi, Kicking Performance Affects Perception Of Goal Size
So, is it skill or is success that makes the goal seem larger? Really fascinating research

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The Anthropology Song

Cristina Crespo, a former student of mine, just sent me the link to that song. It’s also popping up among my friends over at Facebook. So enjoy.

Here’s the specific YouTube link to The Anthropology Song: A Little Bit Anthropologist.

And the YouTube channel is Daionisio, budding singer/anthropologist. After graduating from UBC, Dai Cooper is now doing a masters in anthro at the University of Toronto.

Gotta love the chorus:

The World seems to increasingly need, Anthropology
Now we’re exploring, asking Who Why and How we be People
The difference between us, is not so much
Tell me your story, your piece of what is Humanity.