Wednesday Round Up #84

This week we get Ardi at the top, then go onto drugs (obvious transition, isn’t it?), and then anthro and mind. And hey, there’s good stuff down at the end!

Top of the List

John Hawks, Ardipithecus FAQ
John Hawks answers all your big questions about Ardi, now our earliest hominid ancestor. She’s one interesting biped! For more, outlines all 11 papers published on Ardipithecus ramidus in Science last week. The NY Times provides a general overview, and keeps track of reporting across the internet.

Juan Domínguez Duque et al., Neuroanthropology: A Humanistic Science For The Study Of The Culture–Brain Nexus
One of Greg’s student gets a paper into Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Here’s the abstract.

Ilina Singh and Nikolas Rose, Biomarkers In Psychiatry
The application of biomarkers to human behavior and psychiatric disorders brings up social and ethical issues, which must be understood using joint efforts (pdf).

Kerim, Wounds of War and the Dilemmas of Stereotype
The forces of war and military institutions come into everyday life through concepts of attachment, susceptibility and exchange.

Michael Specter, A Life Of Its Own
Where will synthetic biology lead us?

Judith Warner, The Shame Game
NY Times op-ed, which I really enjoyed as it highlights the shift from the idea that critique is enough to something more involved with life


R. Douglas Fields, Inhale Or Don’t?: Marijuana Hurts Some, Helps Others
Novel exploration implies that THC, the chemical that gives marijuana its mind-bending assets, kills budding neurons, yet strangely, the same chemical hoards neurons in adults with Alzheimer’s disease.

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