Wednesday Round Up #79

It’s a day late and a dollar short. But at least my tenure package is in!

Top of the List

Gardiner Harris, Document Details Plan to Promote Costly Drug
The selling of Lexapro, a popular antidepressant, by Forest Laboratories. The marketing plan? “finding many ways to put money into doctors’ pockets and food into their mouths.” For more on how this sort of thing shapes research and expert opinion, see Furious Seasons’ More Possible Non-Disclosures For Depression In 3-Year-Olds Researcher

Research – EU, The Brain, Caught Between Science and Ideology
An interview with Catherine Vidal, with illuminating comments about men, women, and their brains

Neurocultures Workshop
You can get videos of talks by Nicolas Rose, Emily Martin, Allan Young, and Fernando Vidal

Brandon Kohrt, Returned: Child Soldiers of Nepal’s Maoist Army
A feature on the award-winning documentary film by Brandon and Bob Koenig. You can also go directly to the Returned’s website.

Vaughan Bell, Placebo Has Strength in Numbers
Excellent piece on how to understand the varied things meant by “the placebo effect”


James Winters, Continuity or Discontinuity: Are Our Minds Purely Shaped by Natural Selection?
A good piece covering some of the recent debates (even if some might call them debacles). For another rich post, see Iterated Learning and Language Evolution.

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