Social Networking and Anthropology: Sites to Cites

Besides the growing number of anthropology blogs, there is an emerging Internet infrastructure aimed at uniting anthropologists to do better work, make connections, and have a wider impact. If you know of more, please leave a comment!

Open Anthropology Cooperative
A place to converse, connect, and make a future for anthropology. Plenty of interest groups, advice and current events. Already 800 members strong.

Twitter Group – Anthropology and Twitter – Anthropologies
Get your tweet on! You can also join WeFollow: Anthropology or become a member in the Anthropology Twibe

World Anthropologies Network
Also called La Red de Antropologías del Mundo – linking anthropologists together, particularly in the US and Latin American

Moving Anthropology Student Network
“Students and scholars from more than 80 different countries have already become members of the MASN-community.”

LiveJournal Anthropologist Community
A site to network, discuss and find answers to questions you might have

Indigenous Caribbean Network
Like it sounds – sign up to network and more

Directory of Open Access Journals – Anthropology
Get your open access (yes, free!) articles on!

Research Blogging – Anthropology
Posts on substantive research, using the Research Blogging label

WikiProject – Anthropology
A group dedicated to improving Wikipedia’s coverage of anthropology

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