Anthro Hits the Links

Open Anthropology has put together a great collection entitled Economics Blogs in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Development, Globalization, and Transformation. From neuroeconomics to bonobo land and political economy, you can find something to fit your taste (ah, capitalism) in Max’s list.

Somatosphere gives us Teaching Anthropology of the Body. You can get Eugene’s syllabus, other syllabi he finds useful, links to readings, and even some reviews. As a bonus, Eugene’s summarizes some new stuff available over at LSE’s BIOS focusing on interdisciplinary approaches to biomedicine and technology.

Over at Savage Minds Rex has given us a list of useful syllabi on virtual worlds and technology. A lot of great reading, including Tom Boellstorff’s courses on culture and power in cyberspace. Over at Digital Ethnography Michael Wesch got his students to summarize 94 articles that explored anonmity online.

Rex also outlined the books for his ethnographic methods class. Some great recommendations, and since it’s Savage Minds the large community there also provides more suggestions.

Kerim gave us YouTube EDU, describing some online video resources for academia at youtube and elsewhere. He laments the conspicuous absence of anthropology. Something that Pamthropologist also does with Academic Earth’s video collection. But that’s something Max Forte is trying to rectify all on his own. He has been building an online collection of open video, much of it revolving around economics, critical theory, globalization, and the like. So go explore!

The Bleeding Heart Show gives us a few links on Pakistan and Afghanistan, definitely stuff that is worthwhile but outside mainstream media. Elsewhere Erkan gives us a round-up of journalism coverage of Obama’s trip to Europe and Turkey.