Participating Blogs in Best of Anthro 2008

One of the main motivations behind the Best of Anthro initiative was to start to build our own list of anthropology blogs, rather than a list done by an online university or some other organization. I’ve put all the contributing blogs below, and divied them up into what I hope are relatively useful categories so that potential readers can find what interests them. There are plenty of other good anthropology blogs out there, so go explore. These are the ones that provided a submission. If there are other blogs you like, please leave a comment so we know where to find them.

You can also see the submissions to Best of Anthro 2008 from these blogs, as well as check out our all-inclusive 2008 awards.

A Hot Cup of Joe
Middle Savagery
Testimony of the spade

Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog
John Hawks Weblog
remote central (archaeology covered too)

Critical World Blog
Open Anthropology

Culture Matters
From the Annals of Anthroman
Grafos y Acidentes
In Harmonium
Listening to Birds
Savage Minds
Teaching Anthropology
The Memory Bank: A New Commonwealth Ver 4.0
Urbi et Orbi

Ethnografix (towards the cultural)
Greg Laden’s Blog (towards the biological)

Babel’s Dawn
Linguistic Anthropology
The Ideophone

Another Anthro Blog
Digital Ethnography


Wednesday Round Up #44

This week we cover the Human Terrain System and a great new site for bloggers, plus the usual favorites, brain, and anthropology. Happy New Year to everyone!

Top of the List

Vaughan Bell, Voodoo Correlations in Social Brain Studies
Correlations too good to be true between brain activity and social behavior and perception. Mind Hacks calls this statistical debunking a “bombshell of a paper.”

Maximilian Forte, The Two Terrors of 2008: End of Year Post
Open Anthropology wraps up the year with a meditation on terror and trust, and brings us the Italian Nobel Laureate Dario Fo. He highlights many posts from the past month there, including this powerful one on “uncertainty” and governance as reflected through Christmas-time messages.

Once Upon a Time an Anthropologist Wrote, Banking on Education
Pedagogy of the Oppressed meets social networking, or why students are passive, waiting to receive the next deposit of knowledge

La Guayabita, “Capt. Nemo”: Ghettotech Designer of Colombian Homemade Drug Subs
Local ingenuity and a great photo. Resistance and profit undermine the drug war’s hoped-for panopticon.

Human Terrain System

David Price, The Leaky Ship of Human Terrain Systems
One of the main critics of HTS makes his argument

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The New Year’s Hearth

Testimony of a Spade is hosting Four Stone Hearth the New Year edition. It opens with a great poem, here’s a snippet:

In bleach’d forbidding robes array’d
stern January treads the wold,
within his icy hand a blade
of lethal might – the cruel cold

Continuing the artistic theme, I’d have to say my favorite is Archaeologizing Watchmen. The graphic novel Watchmen (calling it a grown-up comic book doesn’t do it justice) is, in my opinion, one of the finest pieces of storytelling of the past couple decades.

You can also check out some Guitar Hero too.

Plus illustrations, google earth, Neolithic alcoholic beverages, Neanderthals, microbes and plenty more. So enjoy the New Year’s Four Stone Hearth.