Wednesday Round Up #42

This week it’s eclectic – my favs, then some great pieces on the art of blogging. Next health, the brain, animals, and finally anthropology.

Top of the List

John Tierney, Tips From the Potlatch, Where Giving Knows No Slump
The Kwakwaka’wakw Indians and the importance of gift giving for our economy

Cultural Anthropology – Academic Careers Wiki
If you are searching for an academic job in sociocultural anthropology, check this out!!! Wiki updates on the status of job searches from the people most affected, the job seekers. Help shed the light and share the word!

Laurie Edwards, It’s Always the Season for Books, Part 2
A holiday list that has some great reads

Wray Herbert, The Lure of Tomorrow
Why we procrastinate – we make things seem psychologically distant. But doesn’t this mean we focus on the all-important now? (Yes, yes, I procrastinate…)

Pamthropologist, Prehistory World Sim: The Ice Age Endeth
The Prehistoric Life Toob and World Simulation Exercises!

Lance Gravlee, Working with MAXQDA – Episode 1
Lance explains how to work with the qualitative data analysis software MAXQDA. Includes video! Follow up with episodes two and three.


Andrew Walker & Nicholas Farrelly, Academic Blogging Opens Up New World
The two professors behind the Southeast Asia blog New Mandala outline the benefits of blogging for academics

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