Neuroanthropology Turns One!

November 2007. Washington DC. The annual American Anthropology Association meetings. Greg Downey and Daniel Lende sit down to talk about creating the Neuroanthropology blog. A few weeks later, on December 11th 2007 Greg sticks up the first posts.

They were The Goals of Neuroanthropology, an initial attempt at describing The Term ‘Neuroanthropology’, and the Prehistory of ‘Neuroanthropology’: Charles Laughlin. (Yes, it’s safe to say that’s the only time Greg has done three posts in one day!)

Daniel follows suit on December 17th, sticking up a post on Keeping Brains Agile. The blogging game is afoot.

Greg provides an introduction, Daniel does his own intro. And then things really start flowing. In the month of December we got 1267 on-site visits!

It did seem like a lot to us then! How things have grown. Last month in November we had a total of 22,744 onsite visits, plus another 16,000 or so reads through subscription feeds.

In the last year, we have delivered 580 total posts. Daniel (alias dlende) has written 389 of those posts, plus posted another 9 with students. Greg (gregdowney) has given us 137 posts.

Paul Mason has delivered 40 posts, including two that Greg got out for him while Paul was doing his field research. Erin Finley gave us two posts, and Marcela, a student of Greg’s, also published two. Agustin Fuentes provided one post early on.

Out of those our Top Ten goes:

(1) Cultural Aspects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Thinking on Meaning and Risk
(2) Synesthesia & Metaphor – I’m Not Feeling It
(3) Poverty Poisons the Brain
(4) Girls Gone Guilty: Evolutionary Psych on Sex #2
(5) About Neuroanthropology (doesn’t really count! so I’m doing the Spinal Tap 11 – our blog is just one louder)
(6) Identical Twins Not… Err… Identical?
(7) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City
(8) Brain vs. Philosophy? Howard Gardner Gets Us Across!
(9) Brain Doping Poll Results In
(10) Understanding Brain Imaging
(11) Steven Pinker and the Moral Instinct

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