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Social Networking and Anthropology: Sites to Cites

Posted by dlende on June 16, 2009

Besides the growing number of anthropology blogs, there is an emerging Internet infrastructure aimed at uniting anthropologists to do better work, make connections, and have a wider impact. If you know of more, please leave a comment!

Open Anthropology Cooperative
A place to converse, connect, and make a future for anthropology. Plenty of interest groups, advice and current events. Already 800 members strong.

Twitter Group – Anthropology and Twitter – Anthropologies
Get your tweet on! You can also join WeFollow: Anthropology or become a member in the Anthropology Twibe

World Anthropologies Network
Also called La Red de Antropologías del Mundo – linking anthropologists together, particularly in the US and Latin American

Moving Anthropology Student Network
“Students and scholars from more than 80 different countries have already become members of the MASN-community.”

LiveJournal Anthropologist Community
A site to network, discuss and find answers to questions you might have

Indigenous Caribbean Network
Like it sounds – sign up to network and more

Directory of Open Access Journals – Anthropology
Get your open access (yes, free!) articles on!

Research Blogging – Anthropology
Posts on substantive research, using the Research Blogging label

WikiProject – Anthropology
A group dedicated to improving Wikipedia’s coverage of anthropology

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