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Dino Comics: Too Much Rage

Posted by dlende on December 3, 2008


Ryan North is the artist, and you can see his work over at Dinosaur Comics at The hat-tip goes to Greg Laden, who featured this comic in his post Anonymity and Behavior Change.

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Four Stone Fifty Four

Posted by dlende on December 3, 2008

The latest Four Stone Hearth gathers together anthro blogging over the past fortnight, and is now up at Cognition and Culture. Levi Strauss is celebrated, including this structural structured query/queer piece on gay marriage.

Plus zombie movies, neanderthals, and Japanese toys! So check out Four Stone Fifty Four!

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Wednesday Round Up #40

Posted by dlende on December 3, 2008

This week we have world affairs, anthropology, mental health, and the brain. Thanks to Paul for some very worthy additions.

Top of the List

A Blog around the Clock, The Open Laboratory 2008 – All the Submissions Fit to Print
The list of nominees for the best science blogging of 2008. Enjoy!

Neil Scheurich, Time Out of Joint
“I’ve always been interested in the way psychology has struggled to deal with the hulking fact of human depravity.”

Open Anthropology, UAE’s The National on the Human Terrain System (2.0)
Maximilian gives us a well-written critical reflection on the Human Terrain System – as the last entry for the foreseeable future, this is a great one to read

Kylie Sturgess, Is This A Superstition I See Before Me?
The theater and superstition. Worth it for the funny Black Adder clip alone.

Norman Doidge, Re-evaluating the Basis of the Brain
Plasticity rather than localization from the author of The Brain That Changes Itself

World Affairs

IBNLive, Blogging from India
Indian bloggers address the terror in Mumbai

CNN, The World’s Most Heinous Crime
The 60th anniversary of the UN Genocide Convention, a timeline of genocides since then, and questions about how and if genocide will stop


Hannah Fearn, The Great Divide
Social vs. evolutionary anthropology! Biology vs. culture makes a good story, even though there is some “reaching out” moments in the second half of the piece. For some critical reaction, see Michael Stewart’s post

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