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Food, Obesity and Eating Posts

Posted by dlende on September 2, 2008

So I am back teaching. This semester I have an intensive qualitative methods course after teaching medical anthropology in the spring. I am planning to have several assignments revolve around the issue of food, health and eating. So the list below is meant first for my methods students. But I also thought some of you other folks might like a refresher on what got posted last spring. Hopefully the categories will help you find what interests you most…

My Main Pieces

Ethnography and the Everyday: Knapp’s Appetites

Comfort Food and Social Stress

Successful Weight Loss


Culture and Inequality in the Obesity Debate

The Family Dinner Deconstructed


On the Causes of Obesity: Common Sense or Interacting Systems

Diet, Weight and Health Round Up

Live Healthy, Turn On Your Genes

“Willpower” and Effort

Tightening Your Belt on Your Mind

The Sugar Made Me Do It

Laura’s Weight Loss

Experiments and Effort

Glucose, Self Control and Evolution

General Biology

Genetics and Obesity

Human Biology and Models for Obesity

Obesity: Mortality, Activity and More

Obesity and Some Behavioral Biology

Red Meat, Neandertals Were Meant to Eat It

Biological Mechanisms

Dopamine and Eating

Sleep, Eat, Sex – Orexin Has Something to Say

Fat Cells Die

3 Responses to “Food, Obesity and Eating Posts”

  1. [...] Lifestyles can be considered anthropologies, not individuals or cultures. And anthropologies of food and eating require the development of a whole range of analyses. [...]

  2. [...] the integrated dimensions of post-traumatic stress disorder to examining different components of food, obesity and eating and understanding the complexities of video games and other modern [...]

  3. [...] those who want a little anthropology, you can go to the Food, Obesity and Eating page, which rounded up a lot of the writing I did on this early on. For some relevant pieces, go [...]

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