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Slate Video: Can Apes Really Talk?

Posted by dlende on August 24, 2008

John Cohen at Slate interviews researchers at the Great Ape Trust, a bastion of ape language research, as well as some of their skeptics about their claims for ape language. If you wnat more, Wikipedia provides some general background on ape language research.

What I find fascinating in this research: the revelations about cognition, symbolic abilities, and grammar, all helping to show us that the gap we set between ourselves and one of our favorite “others” is not so great as generally thought. On the other hand, the incredible physiological and neurological skills that go into the production of human speech show the strong selective pressures that existed during our human evolution.

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2 Responses to “Slate Video: Can Apes Really Talk?”

  1. Paul Mason said

    Fascinating film! Kanzi and Panbanisha are now involved in some really interesting research to do with music! It will be great to see what insights that research will provide!

  2. [...] Slate Video: Can Apes Really Talk? [...]

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