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Oldies but Goodies: Greg Downey

Posted by dlende on August 19, 2008

Well not that old, but I thought I might highlight some posts from our early days when our daily visits were pretty low. These posts deserve some attention alongside the top ten I posted on Sunday.

Today I will cover Greg’s posts. I’ve decided to split the posts into three themes: (1) work that comes out of Greg’s main research interests in perception, sport, and skilled activity; (2) his critical takes on ideas of “innateness” (whether in neuroscience or in evolutionary psychology); and (3) his anthropological examination and reflection of recent mind/brain research.

Perception and Skilled Action

Exercise is ‘mindset’ as well as activity

Brainy muscles

Tools, mirrors and the expandable body

Trust your hand, not your eyes

Children integrating their senses


Craving money, chocolate… and justice

‘Innate’ fear of snakes?

More on persuasive, irrelevant ‘neuroscience’

Anthropology and Neuroscience

Thinking about how others think: two ways?

(insert clever French grammar title here)

‘Blind to change’ or just ‘mostly blind’?

Tightening your belt on your mind

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