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More Videos and Podcasts for Your Neuroanth Pleasure

Posted by dlende on July 10, 2008

Shrink Rap offers My Three Shrinks podcasts, where three psychiatrists with differing views sit down to discuss present issues in mental health, society and more. On a recent entry, the three discussed PTSD, the possibilities of memory erasure, and more.

The American Journal of Psychiatry offers “audio downloads” (can’t they just say podcasts?) dating back to April 2006, where discussion centers on highlights from that month’s journal issue. For June, they covered a clinical case of deep brain stimulation, the economic impact of mental disorders, a large study linking memory impairment to previous depression, and more.

Harvard Medical Labcast is just getting started, and has three podcasts now: the art of perception, the secrets of aging, and the science of social networks.

NeuroScene provides monthly podcasts going back to November 2007. A couple recent ones cover mirror neurons and the psychology of overspending.

ScienceHack provides online videos covering the range of science topics, from physics to green energy. For this blog, the most relevant are the biology and psychology categories. Sorry, anthropology didn’t make it as a ScienceHack… But you can get “Schizophrenia explored through virtual reality.”

The Nobel Laureate Meetings at Lindau lets us watch the superstars give their lectures online. Here’s one by Erwin Neher on “Neurotransmitter and Hormone Release by Calcium and Camp

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Tangled Bank 109

Posted by dlende on July 10, 2008

The Tangled Bank is an Evolutionary Biology carnival, often with science and society writing and the occasional critique of creationism thrown in. Anthropologist Greg Laden is hosting #109 this week, so mosey on over. You’ll find plenty to get you entangled.

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