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Wednesday Round Up #2

Posted by dlende on March 12, 2008

On Brains

Susan Greenfield, Bewitched by Bacchae
Meaning, neuronal connections, and Euripides—perfect!

Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad, Radio Lab: Into the Brain of a Liar
How big was your fish?  Big-time liars have “more connections in the part of their brains responsible for complex thinking”

Charles Choi, Tiny Brain-Like Computer Created
This chip has dendrites!

Lauran Neergard, Study: Creativity Jazzes Your Brain
Stick a keyboard and a jazz musician in an fMRI, and this is what you get

The Internet

Gamespot, Study Uncovers MMORPG Gender-Swapping Epidemic
“54 percent of all males and 68 percent of all females “gender swap”–or create online personas of their opposite sex”

David Pogue, How Dangerous Is the Internet for Children?
Not as dangerous as the media sometimes says.  Surprise, the context of how you manage the Internet and your children at home makes a big difference in how they interpret what’s online

General Interest

Penepole Green, What’s In a Chair?
Psychiatrists’ offices matter!

Also see Vaughan’s take on this article at Mind Hacks

Nicholas Cristakis, Social Networks Are Like The Eye
The dynamics of social networks

Kevin Lewis, Uncommon Knowledge: Surprising Insights from the Social Sciences
The Boston Globe’s own round up

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